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Rustic Twill Placemats

Rustic Twill Placemats

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Layer up your table with Rustic Premium Twill (100% polyester) Placemats. An Anti scratch and non-slip material that protects your table from scratches. Easy to store rolled up with no wrinkles when flattened out for use. Rustic table accessories add a new texture and layering dimension...mix and match with tablecloths and napkins from our lovely Rusty home collections. The Perfect addition to your dinner table.

Material: premium twill(100% polyester)


  • 14’’ x 19’’ (One Pieces): 4.06oz.
  • 14’’ x 19’’ (Two Pieces): 6.98oz.
  • 14’’ x 19’’ (Four Pieces): 12.91oz.
  • 14’’ x 19’’ (Six Pieces): 19.05oz.
  • 12’’ x 18’’ (One Pieces): 3.32Oz.
  • 12’’ x 18’’ (Two Pieces): 5.57Oz.
  • 12’’ x 18’’ (Four Pieces): 10.37oz.
  • 12’’ x 18’’ (Six Pieces): 14.6oz.
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