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Mid Mod Retro Atomic Cat Laundry Basket

Mid Mod Retro Atomic Cat Laundry Basket

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Clean up your act with the Mid Mod Retro Atomic Cat Laundry Basket! It'll take your laundry to a whole new level with its large capacity, lightweight portability, and sleek styling. It's purrfect for any room in the house - just grab the sturdy handles, and show that mess who's boss! (Meow-velous!)


Round: 15" (W) x 28" (H) x 8" (Handle Diameter), large capacity.

 Square: 12.6"(L) x 11" (W) x 22.8" (H) x 8" (Handle Diameter), large capacity.

Key Features

- 900D Waterproof Oxford Fabric: Made from high-grade waterproof oxford fabric, providing durability and protection.
- Large Capacity: Spacious design to accommodate a significant amount of items.
- Lightweight and Foldable: Conveniently foldable and space-saving for easy storage.
- Sturdy Handles: Features sturdy aluminum handles with foam padding for comfortable carrying.
- Long-lasting: Made to last for years, even with regular use.
- Versatile Use: Suitable for various situations, such as closets and clothing storage.
- Stylish Design: The inner and bottom side are fixed in black, adding a touch of style to the laundry basket.

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