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Personalized Floral Giraffe and Daisies Dinner Plates

Personalized Floral Giraffe and Daisies Dinner Plates

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For that special woman who stands tall, bold and confident as a Giraffe, this plate reassures and affirms her! For Grandma, Sister, Wife and all the powerful women who stand tall.

Eat in style and add luxury to her every day dining, whatever you do, don't leave these Personalized Giraffe & Daises Plate behind. They are sure to make her feel like royalty.

10" dinner plate manufactured from revolutionary ThermoSāf® Polymer Plastic that is:

  • Microwave Safe
  • Safe for use in Convection or Conventional Ovens
  • Dishwasher-Safe (Commercial & Residential)
  • BPA- Free
  • Contains No Melamine or Formaldehyde
  • 300°F < 60 Minutes
  • 100% Manufactured in the U.S.A.
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