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Vintage Retro Stripe Dornier Colorful 60s Rug

Vintage Retro Stripe Dornier Colorful 60s Rug

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Add a bit of retro whimsy to any room while maintaining that much-needed air of sophistication with this beautiful Vintage Retro Stripe Dornier Rug. It exudes feelings of nostalgia and adds both personality and extra coziness to any space both indoor and outdoor. With its colorful color will bring a 1960s vibe into your living room! Shop this Retro vintage rug now before it's gone!

 Key features

✅Silky-soft surface to step on
✅100% polyester woven front side, non-woven back side: Strong and durable woven micro-fiber fabric.
✅The backside is non-woven polyester with PVC dots to create an anti-slip finish
✅Anti-slip backing: Keeps the rug firmly in place, due to textured non-skid back for enhanced safety
✅Vibrant Printed Colors: We use the latest printing techniques that provides bright and crisp colors

Available in 3 sizes: 20" × 32'' (51cm x 81cm ), 35" × 63'' (89cm x 160cm) and 63" × 84'' (160cm x 213cm)

Care instructions
Take your rug outside and shake off any loose dirt, direct sunlight will cause the color of your rug to fade, vacuum with a non rotary type attachment, professional cleaning is recommended , spot cleaning can be done with cold water, mild detergent is not recommended.


  20" × 32" 35" × 63" 63" × 84"
Length , in 20.00 35.00 63.00
Height, in 32.00 63.00 84.00


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