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8-40 x 40 Monocular Telescope

8-40 x 40 Monocular Telescope

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8-40 x 40 Monocular Telescope Compact Retractable Zoom Waterproof Bak4 Professional HD ED Glass with Tripod Phone Clip

This powerful 8-40 x 40 Zoom Monocular Telescope is compact and lightweight and can be folded into palm size so that it's easy to fit into a pocket or bag. Perfect for hunting, hiking, exploring, viewing, sailing, bird watching, concerts and most outdoor sports. The smooth center-focus knob makes it easy to adjust even for kids while allowing both eyepieces to calibrate separately for an even more unobstructed view.

Easy to focus in on your target for brilliant detail at 1000 yards out with its premium BAK4 prism and FMC coated lens. The 8-24x magnification with 22 mm objective lens allows you to see objects 12X's closer with clarity Waterproof, hyper-durable anti-slip grip gives you everything you want.

  • 40mm objective and 22mm eyepiece
  • Bak4 prism and FMC coated lens
  • Waterproof and shock proof
  • Metal frame with protective rubber surface
  • HD lens with low light night vision
  • Small size and easy to carry and use
  • Connecting phone and tripod for shooting1151014142378912


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