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Atomic Cats Diamond Starbursts Car Seat Covers

Atomic Cats Diamond Starbursts Car Seat Covers

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Make your car purr-fectly stylish with this paw-sitively '50s retro set of Atomic Cats Diamond Starbursts car seat covers! With two covers (one set!) featuring a bold aqua blue, orange, and lime geometric pattern, the purr-spiration of the mid-century modern look will give your car a cool and cozy kitty-tude. Meow-za!

  • High-Quality Material: Made from durable polyester fabric that is dirt-resistant, ensuring long-lasting protection for your car seats.
  • Comfortable and Soft: The back of the seat covers is constructed from high-elastic milk fiber, providing a soft and comfortable experience for your hips and back during extended use.
  • Customizable Design: Add your own designs to the seat covers to give your car's interior a fresh and personalized look.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: The polyester fabric material is easy to clean and dries quickly, making maintenance hassle-free.
  • Secure and Easy Installation: The seat covers come with elastic straps and hooks, ensuring a secure fit while making installation and removal a breeze.
  • Universal Fit: These car seat covers are designed to stretch and fit most car and SUV bucket style seats, providing versatile compatibility.
  • Protective Shield: Shield your car seats from wear and stains, keeping them in excellent condition for longer.
  • Precise Dimensions: The seat cover dimensions are carefully designed to fit well with bottom length (47.5cm), width (49.5cm), front height (20cm), side height (16cm), backrest height (79.5cm), width (46.5cm), and thickness (12cm).
  • Set of Two: Each purchase includes a set of two front seat covers, providing complete coverage for your front seats.

Please note: Before purchasing, please ensure compatibility with your car seat by checking the dimensions and style.

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